Chair Massage

Chair Massage teacher demonstrating Chair Massage techniques of the scapula.

Unlike other types of massage, chair massage requires no oil and is done over clothing on tense areas of the body for anywhere from 5-30 minutes. 

Chair massage can be practised in a small amount of space and is very popular in businesses and at social and athletic events. Besides equipping students with some new techniques, this course will teach students how to adapt the massage manoeuvres learned in our Swedish Massage I course to chair massage.

A brief history of chair massage and its benefits, indications and counter-indications will be examined. In addition, hygiene, maintenance of the massage chair as well as all necessary materials will be reviewed.

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Dates Location Days Time
March 9/10 and 23/24, 2024 Verdun Saturday-Sunday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm


Prerequisite: Swedish Massage I

Course hours: 30h


Registration: $370

Course notes: $20


Payment methods

Payments can be made in one, two, three instalments or monthly with no additional fees or interest. Payment can be done by debit, credit cards, cash, direct transfer or checks.

Financial aid

There are different forms of financial aid available depending on the situation of each student. Our adviser will be able to inform you. Please contact us for more information.


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FAQ about our chair massage course

Find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions by prospective students of our massage therapy school in Montreal.

Why is it necessary to complete the Swedish Massage I course before the chair massage certification?

The Swedish massage course covers all the basics of massage, which opens the door for students to diversify their skills in the future. For this reason, if you wish to offer chair massage services, you are required to have taken and completed the Swedish massage training.

Who is the chair massage training for?

Our chair massage course in Montreal is primarily intended for massage therapists who wish to expand their abilities and provide relief to employees of Quebec companies. 

As mentioned above, the Swedish Massage I course must be taken and completed in order to enroll in this program. Our massage courses are offered in French and English and are open to all students who wish to begin their journey as a massage therapist. The introductory workshops will provide you with the essential skills that every aspiring massage therapist should know.

Visit our massage programs page to discover all of our courses.

What are the benefits of chair massage?

After completing our chair massage course, you will be able to relieve employees’ musculoarticular pain, improve their joint mobility, and also their posture while at work.

Chair massage is a great way to reduce the effects of stress on the body and reduce pain in various areas, especially for those with back problems or neck discomfort.

Here are some benefits of chair massage:

– Decreased stress

– Improved mobility

– Improved sleep quality

– Increased productivity

– And more

What are the contraindications to performing a massage?

Chair massage has many advantages, such as providing a safe treatment. It can sometimes be more appropriate for people with physical limitations who cannot lie on their backs or stomachs during table massages.

In general, all the contraindications of a Swedish massage apply to a chair massage, regardless of the duration of the massage. It is still important to complete a health assessment and make sure to ask all relevant questions.

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