Introduction to Swedish Massage I

girl wearing black giving massage to another girl on a massage bed

This workshop will introduce students to Swedish massage, including its indications and contraindications, and to the benefits of Swedish massage on the various physiological systems of the human body. The various techniques used in Swedish massage (effleurages, petrissages, foulages, percussions and others) will be practiced. By the end of the workshop the student will be able to demonstrate a basic yet comprehensive 1-hour full body massage.

February 27-28, 2021Saturday – Sunday9:00 am to 5:30 pm
April 17-18, 2021Saturday – Sunday9:00 am to 5:30 pm


Prerequisite: none

Course hours: 15 h


Registration: $165

Course notes: $15

Payment methods

Payments can be made in one, two, three instalments or monthly with no additional fees or interest. Payment can be done by debit, credit cards, cash, direct transfer or checks.

Financial aid

There are different forms of financial aid available depending on the situation of each student. Our adviser will be able to inform you. Please contact us for more information.


Set of sheets (for single bed, ideally)

2 large beach towels

2 medium size towels

2 small towels
*Massage oil will be supplied by the school