Reflexology II

Reflexology courses available at IKRA Academy of Massage Therapy

The Reflexology II Course continues from where Reflexology I left off and focuses on truly integrating and putting into practice the material learnt in level I. It includes a full day course, 25 more case studies as well as a final practical exam on the teacher. Once a student completes the program they are eligible for professional certification with the RAC (Reflexology Association of Canada).

Dates to be determinedTo be determined9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Prerequisite: Reflexology I

Course hours: 60h


Registration: $300

† The prices for all programs will increase 5% by December 31, 2020.

Course outline


To be determined with the teacher

Payment methods

Payments can be made in one, two, three instalments or monthly with no additional fees or interest. Payment can be done by debit, credit cards, cash, direct transfer or checks.

Financial aid

There are different forms of financial aid available depending on the situation of each student. Our adviser will be able to inform you. Please contact us for more information.


To be determined