Sports Massage 2 (advanced)


 Malcolm Mauricette est un professeur de massage sportif bien connu et apprécié. Au cours des deux dernières décennies, il a formé d’innombrables massothérapeutes qui souhaitaient travailler avec des athlètes. Son approche pédagogique est empreinte de passion et de professionnalisme qui crée l’environnement idéal pour saisir les nombreuses techniques et stratégies enseignées dans le programme de massage sportif. Malcolm est titulaire d’un baccalauréat en sciences de l’exercice avec une spécialisation en thérapie du sport de l’Université Concordia.

Malcolm Mauricette is a well-known and well-regarded sports massage teacher. Over the past two decades, he has trained countless massage therapists who wanted to work with athletes. His pedagogical approach is imbued with passion and professionalism which creates the perfect environment to grasp the many techniques and strategies taught in the Sports Massage program. Malcolm holds a Bachelor of Science from Concordia University – in Exercise Science specialised in Athletic Therapy.

Malcolm Mauricette
Sports Massage Therapist, B. Sc. 

This course will present a variety of modern therapeutic approaches in order to acqaint the sports massage therapist with the knowledge and techniques currently used in the field. The case studies presented in the class will serve as perfect examples for situations that one encounters in competition or in the clinic.

The theoretical and practical portions of the course provide continuity in learning about sports injuries and their treatment. Neurological topics and the Modalities used by Sports Massage Therapists will be taught and practiced. The concept of muscle activation will be discussed and practiced with the aim of reducing pain and improving ROM. The use of cupping is increasingly common in the field of sport and, for this reason, the course will explore its use in all facets of the game.

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Prerequisite : Sports Massage 250h or more. Cupping course minimum 15h.

Course hours : 135h


Registration :  1,620 $

Course notes : 200 $

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*Students are responsible for all personal costs associated with supplies such as towels, sheets and bolsters. 

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Find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions from prospective students of our massage therapy school in Montreal.


What are the key lessons of this sports massage training?

The sports massage course allows students to prepare to practice the profession of massage therapist with a specialization in sports massage therapy. Students will be empowered to administer therapeutic massage in a clinical, professional and athletic environment. This 285-hour sports massage course is divided into three parts:
— Theoretical courses in anatomy, physiology, pathology and sports psychology offered in our school of massage therapy and physiotherapy in Montreal.
— Practical courses to implement the various therapeutic techniques of sports massage.
— Supervised internships in clinics and at sporting events.

Can I start working in Quebec directly after graduating from the program?

Yes, the sports massage course offered by our Massage Therapy Academy allows students to obtain a Certified Massage Therapist certificate in Sports Massage.

Who is the sports massage course for?

The sports massage course is intended for intermediate level massage therapists who wish to diversify their massage techniques. In order to be able to enroll in the sports massage course, it is mandatory to have completed the Swedish massage course I or a relevant accredited training of 400 hours.

What other training is provided at the IKRA Massage Academy?

In addition to sports massage courses, IKRA offers a wide range of massage therapy programs and workshops at its three campuses in Montreal.

From introductory shiatsu massage workshops to advanced reflexology courses, we have training to meet your aspirations. Our programs are designed to give you the knowledge and practical experience necessary to properly practice the profession of massage therapist.