Massage Therapy is a booming business. There is a huge demand for massage therapists in spas, clinics, sports centers, etc. Many of our graduates get hired by many of these centers in and around Montreal. Some of our graduates prefer to be self-employed and rent their own space or work from home. We receive many job postings for our students.

Yes, once all your exams have been successfully completed and you receive your diploma you will be recognized by one of our partnered associations of your choosing. No other Association exams are needed and you will be able to issue insurance receipts immediately upon registering with an association.

Yes we are a recognized member school of the FQM (Quebec Federation of Massage Therapists) as well as partners with many reputable Massage Associations.

We offer monthly no fee and interest free payments. After paying the deposit of $400 the balance will be divided into the amount of months of the program registered for: 5 months for the full time program and 8 months for the part time program. Under certain circumstances, monthly payments can be extended. This is on a case by case basis and is to be granted by IKRA’s Financial Advisor.

No, as we are a recognized educational institute by both the Governments of Canada and Quebec, there are no taxes to be paid.

Yes, a portion of our programs and workshops can be deducted from Federal and Provincial Income Tax. The specific amount depends upon the particular program registered for, as well as the student’s individual situation.

Unfortunately, we don’t have private parking, but on the neighbouring streets there is free parking, so it has never been a problem for students or teachers to find parking.

Yes. We are fortunate to be located within 5-10 mins walking distance of two Metros: De L’Eglise and Verdun metro stations.

Like any serious program of studies that prepares you to be successful in a new career, our massage therapy program demands commitment. We have students ranging in education levels from high school to university graduates therefore, we have created a program that is comprehensive and rigorous but yet accessible to everyone.

Massage Therapy studies are not eligible for student visa applications. However, for programs of less than 6 months, it is possible to do the studies. Many of our international students have studied and graduated from our full-time programs. Contact our Academic Advisors for more details.