A great massage therapist Demonstrating a Masssage Technique.

Four Skills All Great Massage Therapists Hold in Common

There’s no perfect formula that makes a great massage therapist. There are hundreds of different modalities, and each practitioner is unique in their abilities and approach. Some are intuitive, while others are more cerebral and systematic. Some have an incredible understanding of the physical body, and some are sensitive to energetics & subtler sensations. But some skills are always present. Read on and discover the four skills all great massage therapists hold in common.


  • They Trust Their Interests and Their Unique Abilities

Those who really excel in massage therapy have learned to trust their unique talents. It’s not always easy to go for what we really like to do, but those who become masterful at their craft tend to trust what interests them, and they allow themselves to pursue those interests.

Often, we get stuck trying to find the best therapy, the right one or the one that will get the most clients. The truth is the ‘right’ one is the one that draws you to it and gets you excited. Trust that impulse, and you’ll be off to a great start.


  • They Never Stop Learning

The moment you think you know it all is the moment you stop improving. And the best massage therapists never stop improving.

After all, each muscle, pressure point, reflex & trigger point are unique. That means each client is an opportunity to learn something new.

When a massage therapist works from this perspective, their experience never stops growing. That experience continues to feed their intuition, and every future client benefits from what they learn.

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A massage teacher teaching anatomy.


  • They Learn to Listen Beyond Words

Listening isn’t just about hearing the words your clients are saying. The best massage therapists understand this. They know that you can listen through touch, by what you see, through the tone of voice, or even by what you smell.

Listening is an act of presence and attention, and that is what the best massage therapists offer their clients.

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  • They Acknowledge Where They Need Improvement

This is the most important skill to cultivate. Only by recognizing where your art & skill needs improvement can you do the work necessary to grow. No one ever excelled without making some mistakes. The trick is to recognize them.

If you want to one day master your art, be honest with yourself, notice what needs work, and do what you can to improve. Over time, you’ll develop beyond your wildest dreams.


Students learning from a massage therapy teacher

Mastery is Accessible to Everyone.

This list is obviously not exhaustive, but in my experience, self-trust, listening beyond words, the love of learning, and the ability to acknowledge where we need to work, are fours skills all great massage therapists hold. Just remember, whether you see these skills in yourself or not,  every single one of them can be improved upon. It just takes the desire to grow, the patience to learn and the courage to trust what draws you to it.

Be well and enjoy the journey!

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