International Students

We are proud to attract international students who hail from all around the world. We recognize their specific needs and do our outmost to accommodate them.

The different cultures add so much to the student body and the many perspectives not only enhance class interactions but create a dynamic and lively environment.

Elizabeth Vargas

Español – Elizabeth

Russe / русский – Yon

Russian / русский – Yon

Ilocano – Rachelle

Ilocano – Rachelle

Russe / русский – Anna

Russian / русский – Anna

Arabe / العربية – Nassima

Arabic / العربية – Nassima

Tagalog – Marinelle

Tagalog – Marinelle

Tagalog - Rachelle

Tagalog – Rachelle

  • The staff at IKRA are wonderful! They helped me tremendously in my adapting to my new environment. It was especially challenging in the beginning with the culture shock, but their friendliness, patience and flexibility helped me not only initially, but throughout the whole program. Thank you!

    Patricia Villaca Lima
    International Student