ABC Clinique Santé

ABC Clinique Santé

Job Title: Massage Therapist
Type of position: part-time and full-time
Region: Montérégie
Training required: Minimum basic masso
Salary and conditions:
The salary varies if the candidate has 1000 hours of training or not
Day/evening/weekend availability
Benefits like:
→2 weeks paid vacation (4%)/year
→2 Paid sick day/year
→Paid holidays
→Continuing education
→No rent to pay
→Possibility of paid training
→etc.Having more than 1000 hours of training in massage therapy is an assetJob Description :
Are you passionate about your job as a massage therapist, but the tasks related to getting yourself promoted to make a living from it weigh heavily?
Do you miss teamwork in your lonely room?
You are therefore the perfect candidate for our dedicated team of massage therapists.
You will be able to focus all your attention on developing your favorite clientele while we take care of marketing, customer follow-ups and filling your schedule with your help as needed.

You can discuss cases with our other available professionals:
→and more

You will have access to internal training including all ABC Clinique Santé clinics in Quebec, which currently includes the following cities:
→and more to come

Do not hesitate any longer and come and meet me to find out more.
Phone: 450-455-8500
Address: 54 boulevard de la cité-des-jeunes, suite 110

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