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Kiné Pro Sport has been working with sports teams on the field and in clinics for more than 10 years. We supervise athletes of all levels as well as the recreational and general sports population. Our therapists experienced in manual therapy (sports therapy, massage therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy) use their expertise to help clients push their goals to the desired level. A multitude of physical problems can be avoided or controlled by receiving the right intervention. With a proper treatment strategy, it is guaranteed to work effectively and quickly.

We are looking for professionals who want to build a bond of trust with a predominantly sports clientele. Are you experienced, love the mentality of athletes and/or are you sporty yourself? Are you passionate about manual therapy and would you like to work with a proactive team? Here is our offer!

Services included:

● Easy access, wheelchair and parking for customers and employees
● A turnkey office with table, desk, and supplies (sheets and towel included)
● Heating, air conditioning and Internet access included
● Telephone line with 24-hour voicemail and easy appointment making
● Waiting room and full bathroom for clients
● Assistant for making appointments online (management of your schedule) and exclusive personalized customer management system (reminder system and customer reminders)
● Easy payment platform with supported fees
● Visibility and advertising on our website and web/social media
● Full kitchen with washer/dryer on site
● On-site gym and access to an online exercise prescription platform
● Networking dinner/lunch between team members, team spirit put at the forefront
● Partnership, visibility and exclusivity with more than 16 sports teams (notably Hockey)

Interested people must:

● Have an approach focused on customer needs.
● Promote teamwork, have a sense of responsibility and show initiative.
● Have an interest in therapeutic massage.
● Member in good standing of a professional association.
● Professional liability insurance.
● Establish and maintain a trusting therapist-client relationship
● Ability to write customer files and guide customers with fair advice, to the best of the knowledge acquired. Follow up with your clients.
● Perform the minimum tasks necessary to maintain order and cleanliness of the clinic.
● Be honest when making an appointment
● Ability to express yourself well in French and English as well as experience are assets.


● Part-time or fixed days
● Flexible schedule: depending on your availability and the needs of the clinic.
● Start date: as soon as possible
● For employees or self-employed piece workers: no rent or fixed costs are paid, all basic equipment is provided (sheets, towels, table, furnished and closed room, protective equipment). The only thing to provide is your equipment specific to your profession (specific gel, massage tools…according to your needs)
● Depending on your clientele and your needs, several salary options are available to you. Employee or self-employed position.


– Minimum time slot of 3 hours paid
– Paid holidays
– Paid vacation
– Social benefits (maternity leave – CNESST and others)


-Possibility of rental at a fixed price or percentage depending on your needs
-materials provided
-increased visibility

Base salary of $40/hour (minimum) which can go up to $60 depending on experience and availability. Our prices are competitive and adapted to your needs and experiences. Initial salary paid on a fee-for-service basis with the possibility of increasing income and setting it according to involvement.

Everything is debatable, we are a proactive team determined to promote an alternative approach in order to optimize the overall health of our sports clientele and the general population.

We look forward to having you on our team!

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