Massage therapist filling out health form with a client in a spa. Female massage therapist talking to woman at wellness center.

Not everyone thinks of massage therapy as an important…

Not everyone thinks of massage therapy as an important part of their health, but scientific and clinical studies continue to promote the benefits of massage therapy for our overall health and well-being. Understandably as the need and importance of massage therapy grow, so does the role of the massage therapists.

The tools of a massage therapist may include oils, beautiful music, massage tables or chairs. They talk to their clients to evaluate their symptoms, medical history, and their expected results and make recommendations regarding their client’s treatment. They utilize massage techniques with their hands, fingers, forearm, elbows and sometimes feet to help with relaxation and to heal injuries.

We might need to relax, or we might have an injury that needs rehabilitation, stress reduction, improved circulation, or general wellness. Whatever our individual wellness needs, the skills of a massage therapist is important in addition to conventional treatments to help with healing.

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