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Swedish I Massage

Our Swedish Massage I course is a comprehensive program that prepares graduates to be successful working as certified massage therapists in all types of settings. A variety of techniques and manoeuvres applied to the muscles (effleurages, petrissages, percussions, frictions, etc.) will be learnt, which promotes blood circulation, releases muscular tension and relaxes the body.

It is the most popular massage technique practiced in Quebec and the rest of North America and in the most demand by spas, clinics, wellness centers and the like.

Please see Course Outline link below for all the details.



Prerequisite: Introduction to Swedish I Massage
Course hours: 400h
Cost: $4,195


  • 5% if deposit of $400 is made before May 14, 2019.
  • 5% extra if the course is paid in full before the start of class.

Course notes: $200

Starting Dates:

  • Full Time – Monday, May 27, 2019
  • Part Time – Friday, May 24, 2019

Schedule: Full Time and Part Time

Course Outline: Click here for more info

Students are responsible for supplying their own:

  1. Sets of sheets (for single bed)
  2. 2 large beach towels or bolsters
  3. 2 medium size towels
  4. 2 small towels
  5. Massage oil or gel (after first 2 weeks)
  6. Belt (after first 2 weeks)

*Massage oil will be supplied for the first 2 weeks by the school