Tuina Chinese Massage Therapy teacher Dr Mario Wexu teaching theory portion of the course

What to expect from our Swedish Massage I training?

What to expect from our Swedish Massage I training?

Swedish Massage Techniques (150h)
Students will learn Swedish massage techniques such as petrissage, foulage percussions and more. You will learn to apply these techniques to all the muscle groups, and be able to give a full 60 min Swedish massage. Specific therapeutic techniques will also be taught.

Supervised Clinic (40h)
In Clinic Stages, students work on clients with teacher supervision (20 stages of 60min). Students will be evaluated on their performance and will be given constructive feedback. It is the student’s responsibility to provide their own materials (gel/oil, sheets), as well as being dressed appropriately: black pants and shoes and a white or black shirt or t-shirt. Clients found by students must pay a fee of 23$+tax for a 1h massage*. *Payment receipts for massages can be provided upon request.

Anatomy (45h)
Students will learn the musculoskeletal system as well as other major body systems and their application to massage. Also all the origins and insertions of the muscles shown will be taught.

Physiopathology (45h)
Students will learn about all the physiological systems of the body such as the respiratory, skeletal, and muscular systems, and more.

Ethics and Professional Aspects (30h)
Through the study of the code of ethics, students will learn all about the current legislation on the practice of massage therapy. Also, elements related to the business side of massage will be addressed such as marketing, taxes, leases, etc.

Sexuality and Professional Practice (45h)
As massage practitioners, it is important that students learn how to recognize and understand the responsibilities they have towards their clients and their boundaries as professionals. Skills will be acquired to deal with different situations of a sensual or sexual nature. Notions of ethics and integrity are also dealt with.

Helping Relations and Interview Techniques (45h)
This course prepares the future practitioner how to deal both personally and professionally with clients. Students will learn to apply concepts concerning communication and interpersonal skills in a massage therapeutic setting. Case studies are also undertaken to prepare students to address particular examples.

Swedish I Massage Program

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