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What’s New At IKRA Academy?

Things are moving full speed at IKRA Academy. September is most definitely our busiest month of the year. Prospective students are contacting us, new students are enrolling, and old students are returning, with classes kicking off left, right and center. But this year, there’s more going on at IKRA than ever before.


The fall semester is underway.

Our French and English open houses showed a great turnout, and our Introduction to Swedish Massage courses (a prerequisite to the 400-hour Swedish massage professional program) were a huge success! Don’t worry, if you weren’t able to join us for the introduction courses, you can still sign up for the intro to Swedish massage course taking place on October 23rd and 24th.


Closing The Spa

They say that you have to let go to grow. And so, even though we will be closing the spa after 18 years of being open, we do it with a light heart. The demand for more massage courses has grown bigger than we could have ever imagined. And the space we gain from closing the spa allows us to focus entirely on the massage school and meet the growing demand for massage therapy training. It’s not easy to let go of something we’ve put so much time and work into, but we know it’s the right move, and by letting go, we make space for so much more.


A massage teacher from IKRA Academy demonstrating a massage technique on a client's back.


2 New Locations

After five years of The Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes (FQM) encouraging us to open the first federated school in the West Island, we’ve decided that the time is now. With the industry expanding at such an incredible rate, we just couldn’t hold off any longer. We’re excited to announce a new IKRA Academy location in Dollards-des-Ormeaux, where we are offering courses in English.

But that’s not all! At the other end of the island, we’ve opened a location in Villeray, where we will be providing massage courses in French.

And of course, our Verdun location remains thriving, offering part-time and full-time courses in English and French depending on your needs.


We’re now offering Kine 2

With all this new growth, we’re now in a position to offer Kine 2—an advanced program that builds upon the Kine 1 course. Not only will students be able to gain certification and become recognized massage therapists after Kine 1, but after completing Kine 2, students will be considered kinesitherapists. This widely recognized professional title demonstrates an advanced level of ability and knowledge, and we’re proud to offer our students the chance to reach greater heights.


A massage therapist using an advanced technique on a client. Exemplary of the Kine 2 course at IKRA Academy.


What does IKRA mean?

To finish the cycle: from old to new to old again, we’d like to answer the question: ‘what does the name IKRA stand for?’ and bring back the original meaning. Our name is at the heart of what we do here, and on our new Verdun location sign we’ve included it in full. IKRA means the International Kinetic Rehabilitation Academy.


Thank You!

It’s been a long journey at IKRA Academy, and we’re so proud of everything we’re now able to offer. So, we’d like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to everyone who continues to make it possible.

First and foremost, we want to thank our incredible teachers. Without them, we simply wouldn’t be able to offer the high standard of massage education that we’re so proud of. We’d also like to thank our administrative staff who keep everything running smoothly, even during a global pandemic. A heartfelt welcome goes out to our new assistant director Keval Patel, who has taken wonderfully to his position and has been doing a fantastic job.

Finally, we’d like to thank our students. Their dedication and passion give us purpose and allow us to spread our love for massage therapy and alternative healing modalities further than we ever could have alone.

Here’s to 20 more years!

Happy learning, everyone.


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