6 Reasons to Become a Massage Therapist

Why become a massage therapist? The massage industry is expanding at a rapid rate, and there is a growing influx of job opportunities for massage therapists. However, there is more to learning massage than just the career prospects.

Whether you are considering massage therapy as a career, or just want to study for personal reasons, learning massage can improve your life and the lives of those around you. Here are the six reasons to become a massage therapist.

Increase your self-confidence

Massage is all about incorporating positive thinking. Positive thinking is considered to be good for mental and emotional well-being. In massage therapy school, students are taught techniques that help create a positive environment that allows clients to relax before a massage. Learning massage can assist in increasing your self-confidence and self-worth due to the self-discovery you experience when studying massage.

Classes such as Helping Relations and Sexuality taught in our Swedish massage course will force you to step out of your comfort zone and reach new levels of self-awareness and growth. Completing all the course modules of a massage therapy program will also give you the confidence to respond to clients’ health related questions and needs.

By enrolling in massage therapy classes, you will learn more about yourself while networking with other massage therapists, learning different health practices, and associating with a multitude of health related groups. The more people you know that are associated with this field, the more confidence you will build.

Help others with pain and stress

Stress and anxiety can be relieved by a good massage. In fact, research reveals that a massage session induces a sense of serenity that can assist in lowering stress. By learning how to conduct a relaxing massage, you are assisting individuals to relax and release any negative emotions that may build up during a hectic day. It is shown that the human touch, in a setting that is secure, pleasant, and professional, can be immensely soothing and calming.

A massage treatment will decrease your levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) and promotes the creation of serotonin and dopamine. This results in a less-stressed mood and lower blood pressure.

It is very rewarding to be able to help loved ones reduce their stress by giving them a relaxing massage. Relaxing massage techniques taught in our Swedish massage course, for example are very effective in reducing tension. Kine I (Sports Massage) teaches you to help relieve pain from certain injuries and even muscle cramps. Learning prenatal massage is also very useful for helping your pregnant loved one reduce pregnancy-related pain and stress. Having hands that helps others is amazing!

Getting a massage from a skilled massage therapist can lowers stress and induces relaxation. There’s a reason many folks doze off on the massage table. A massage enhances delta waves, the brain waves linked with profound sleep. Scientists have shown that therapeutic massage can help you fall asleep faster, remain asleep longer, and promote good quality sleep. Better sleep correlates with a stronger immune system.

Learning massage therapy gives you the knowledge required to perform self-massage techniques on yourself, helping you to relax before bed, resulting in improved quality of sleep. Additionally, massage courses often teach students relaxation exercises, incorporating meditation, tai-chi, chi kung and yoga as a form of self-care. Practicing these types of exercises can help you relax and facilitate sleep.

Become a licensed professional

Being a competent massage therapist isn’t just about knowing how to massage. You may desire to establish your own business; in which case you may require formal education that will help you enhance your professionalism and boost your prospects for commercial success.

If you want to work for someone else, you will require the communication skills – and conversely, abilities that will enable you to succeed in job interviews. A good massage therapy school will teach you the unique ability to attract customers, establish your fees and create your own schedule, as well as how to conduct yourself in a job interview.

Classes like Professional Aspects taught in our Swedish massage course prepares students to succeed in running their own business and acquiring employment for other businesses.

Choose a rewarding career path

Enrolling in a massage therapy school is the first step towards leading a rewarding career as a massage therapist. Massage therapy is a fulfilling and lucrative career choice. The ability to help others through different types of massages is truly rewarding! is being a massage therapist worth it? This field is not for everyone. If you enjoy helping others improve their wellbeing, then a career in massage therapy is definitely worth it.

The most fulfilling aspect of becoming a massage therapist is being able to assist people who are in pain, recuperating from an accident, or under stress. Massage treatment has the power to increase circulation, hasten the healing process, and even help with emotional equilibrium. People enjoy getting massages, so your clients will look forward to seeing you and their appointments, which will have a significant positive effect on how you feel about going to work every day.

Many licensed massage therapists work in the area because they enjoy helping others and enjoy the satisfying feeling they receive when they realize they have helped relieved someone else’s discomfort. You can indirectly work in the healthcare industry, which is in high demand.

Start a massage therapy business

Massage therapy tends to attract freethinkers who have an entrepreneurial spirit. In Quebec, 74% of massage therapists are self-employed compared to an average of 12% for all other occupations. Upon graduating from massage therapy training, many students start their massage businesses out of their own homes, while others do mobile massages at the clients’ locations and at corporate events. The great thing about starting a massage business is that the barrier to entry is very low and requires very little investment.

The direction you want to take with your future is entirely up to you. You will have the option and opportunity to work in a number of settings if you choose to become a massage therapist. This can include medical facilities like clinics or hospitals, spas and resorts, or destinations where people go on vacation.

As you grow your list of certifications by taking more massage courses, you will enhance your knowledge, which will make you become a highly sought-after massage therapist. Additionally, it will provide you the expertise and knowledge to work with a wider variety of clientele. This includes those who just want a massage for fun, and people who need one for health reasons.

Improve your communication skills

A pleasant discussion can only occur when someone feels at home. From the time of initial contact, it’s up to a massage therapist to make their clients feel at ease. Massage training teaches you how to develop your communication skills so that when a client comes to you, they will feel comfortable expressing their concerns.

Delivering outstanding customer service is the cornerstone of creating and maintaining any client-focused business. The only way to achieve that is to properly grasp what your clients want, need, and anticipate.

Your professionalism will assist your clients to relax, and relaxation increases communication, which in turn fosters mutual trust. Professional massage therapists interact in a number of ways with clients during the consultation process. They can employ verbal and auditory (listening) communication skills with clients whenever needed during the initial client interview, as well as during the massage evaluation and treatment process.

Clients who are uncomfortable in their engagement with a massage therapist for the first time are unlikely to reschedule treatments. Classes such as Professional Aspects and Helping Relations taught in Swedish Massage teaches students the proper communication techniques required to succeed in the massage industry.

Become a massage therapist with IKRA Academy of Massage

In order to reap all of these benefits, you must enroll in a highly professional institution that will assist you in establishing a positive reputation in the industry. Here at IKRA Academy of Massage Therapy, we believe in a comprehensive approach that enables students to learn, grow and discover in a positive and friendly atmosphere. Check out our amazing massage programs. Good Luck!

Is massage therapy school worth it? If you are still weighing out the pros and cons of signing up for massage therapy training courses, read about why you should get started in massage therapy.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our team of academic advisors will be pleased to help you:

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