Why Introductory Massage Courses Are Important

(By Matthew Chan) Although massage training is a fantastic career choice, many people are still unsure of whether it is the perfect one for them. People may want to understand the fundamentals, but they don’t necessarily want to enroll in full-time courses right away. Many people just want to test the waters before deciding to commit. This is where introductory massage courses come in.

What is an introductory massage course?

Introductory massage courses are short courses that give you a glimpse of your opportunities to explore. For example, the 15-hour Introduction to Swedish Massage I course offered by us at the IKRA Academy of Massage Therapy covers the basics of massage therapy, and it is the recommended course for anyone interested in getting started in massage therapy training.

The course is taught by top-tier professional instructors, who will teach you how to execute massage therapy techniques appropriately and effectively. The lessons are engaging, educational, and packed with hands-on training. You will learn the foundational theory and procedures of massage in this course, and you will learn how massage can reduce tension and encourage relaxation.

You will learn a variety of massage techniques for each of the main muscle groups; by the end of the intro course, you will be able to effectively perform a one-hour full-body massage. You will also have learned enough to help you make a firm decision on whether you want to pursue massage therapy as a career. The intro course will allow you to get an idea of what the profession entails without having to make a significant commitment–so if you are thinking about pursuing a career in massage therapy, this is a fantastic place to start. It is an excellent opportunity to ask experts in the field about massage job options as well as determine whether this path is a suitable fit for you.

Once you have decided to make massage therapy your new career after completing the intro course, you can transition to our full-time massage Swedish I massage program to become a certified massage therapist.

Complementary knowledge

Many of our students consist of healthcare practitioners, sports coaches and personal trainers, who simply want to learn basic massage therapy techniques to expand their knowledge. As massage therapy is becoming increasingly well-recognized as an integral part of the health and fitness industry, more professionals from the sector are taking introductory massage courses so they can further help their clients by relieving tension and stress through massage therapy. In fact, many of these professionals make a full career change to massage therapy after discovering their love of massage after completing our intro course!

For leisure

The intro course is perfect for those who want to learn basic massage for personal reasons. Many of our students take our intro course so they can learn a new skill, for fun, to meet new people, and some learn so they can help their friends and family relieve stress and tension. Although massage therapy can be a fulfilling career, many choose to learn massage for a variety of different reasons. The beauty of massage therapy is that it is a very versatile skill to have.


Massage therapy tends to attract people who share the same interests in health and helping others. Taking an intro course will allow you to meet like-minded people who share the same values as you, allowing you to form new friendships and professional relationships. In fact, many of our students often go into the massage therapy business together, as described in this article: My Life-Changing Journey Studying At IKRA. A simple 15-hour intro course can change the trajectory of your life, opening new doors, leading to a fulfilling and prosperous career.

Entry requirements?

There are absolutely no requirements for taking the Introduction to Swedish Massage I course. As long as you have a sincere interest in the subject and want to learn something new, you can take this course whether for fun, as a refresher, or because you want to start a career in massage therapy.

Since every one of our students are in the same situation, you may actively involve yourself in the learning process, study the fundamentals of massage with like-minded individuals, and get to know some accomplished massage therapists as you consider whether massage therapy is the perfect career path for you.

It is important to note however, that completing our intro course does not make your eligible to begin working as a massage therapist. In Quebec, to become certified, you must complete a minimum of 400 hours of massage therapy training. Upon completion of our intro course, you may transition to our full-time professional Swedish I massage program which includes 400 hours of training, allowing you to become fully-certified as a professional massage therapist. It is also important to note that the intro course serves as a pre-requisite to our full-time professional program. The professional program picks up from where the intro course leaves off.

Continuing Education

For those who are currently working or studying in massage therapy, intro courses allow you to get an idea of what other styles of massage are like, allowing you to decide whether a particular system of massage therapy is right for you. Intro courses such as our Introduction to Kine I (Sports Massage) course, Introduction to Tuina Chinese Massage, and our workshops allow you to gain basic knowledge of different massage styles that you can incorporate into your existing practice, expanding your massage “toolbox” to further serve your clients. Additionally, intro courses also allow you to accumulate more training hours and certificates, which will look impressive on your resume. In fact, many spas and clinics will pay you more if you have more training under your belt! Most of our students become lifelong students as we offer a variety of courses and workshops.

Get started today!

So, you want to try out massage training. We are currently located in three locations throughout Montreal, Quebec: Verdun, Villeray and Dollard-Des-Ormeaux. Enrolling in our Introduction to Swedish Massage course is your first step toward a new fulfilling career in helping others.

For further details or to reserve a space in the upcoming Swedish I massage course, contact us at (514)507-7399, and our academic advisors will answer all of your questions.

In order to ensure you get the best training, you must enroll in a highly professional institution that will assist you in establishing a positive reputation in the industry. Here at IKRA Academy of Massage Therapy, we believe in a comprehensive approach that enables students to learn, grow and discover in a positive and friendly atmosphere. Check out our amazing massage programs. Good Luck!

If you are still weighing the pros and cons of signing up for massage therapy training courses, read about it here: Why Get Started in Massage Therapy.

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